Processing Lunar AVI's Using RegiStax 5 

 (by Bob Pilz)

Realign With Processed (figure 9)

My philosophy of lunar imaging in general and specifically with post-processing is “leave no stone unturned”.  The workflow I described above started with creating an initial reference frame to be used in the align stage. Then after align I used create reference to produce a better reference to use in optimizing. There is another reference refinement which Registax allows which might appear redundant, but which I always do, because I’ve found it can improve the results.

After the first stacking as described in the above section, click on the Wavelet tab. Use the same wavelet settings that are described above under Create Reference and then click on Realign with Processed. This then goes back to the optimize screen and when you click on Optimize, uses the sharpened image as the reference frame. Then after optimize completes go back to the stack screen where the process described above for stacking a number of different stack sizes can be done. This probably sounds like a lot work, but, as we will see in the appendix on batch processing, it can mostly be automated.


Figure 9.