Processing Lunar AVI's Using RegiStax 5 

 (by Bob Pilz)

Final Thoughts  

I have to admit it. I actually enjoy post-processing AVIs even more than recording them in the first place. Finding the best products and workflow provides continuous opportunities for creativity. The workflow I’ve described in this article is always a work in progress progress.

RegiStax R5 has fueled this process by providing significant performance and functional enhancements that will be of use to lunar, solar and planetary imagers. Check it out ! You may find that, like me, you are glad to have kept your old AVIs so that they can be reprocessed to yield even better results.

Appendix – Batch Processing


R5 provides the means to automate quite a bit of the workflow I described above. You can read the details of batch processing and the individual commands in the help file. I will just show an example of what I typically do.

I select, create/load an initial reference frame, scan frames and set APs manually. Then activate a saved set of batch commands containing the following:


        LIMIT 450

        LOADWVS DefaultLevel1SetTo12.wvs

        CREATEREF 100



        STACK 400




        STACK 400

        SAVESTACK  FilenameS400.png

        STACK 300

        SAVESTACK  FilenameS300.png

        STACK 200

        SAVESTACK  FilenameS200.png

        STACK 100

        SAVESTACK  FilenameS100.png

The two PAUSE commands allow me to inspect the difference graph for each AP in order to disable bad APs and use the difference slider to eliminate frames that did not align/optimize correctly.