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RegiStax 6 update available 

The 1st update of RegiStax 6 is available for download from the downloadpage. This update only replaces the executable file of RegiStax and needs to be installed in the same directory where RegiStax 6 has been installed, you should NOT uninstall.  

Download Release  (1.6 Mb)

Find below the most important changes of this update,
if you have issues that are not solved with this update please report them.

General improvements:
-large AVI's (that needed the extended mode from RegiStax 5) now also use multicore to read frames.
-when using larger wavelet-filters (problem also existed in R5) spurious edges could appear on the image (horizontal striping), this is now solved.
- when saving a wavelet-scheme the new "linked wavelet-setting" is also saved.

Solves the following issues reported:
- debayering often leads to dim nearly B/W images after stacking
- RGB-Align causes red/blue image-edges in     the resultingimage.
- when LRGB is checkmarked (at stack) the final image at wavelets is black.
- Avi's that have a non-zero starting position (reported when the AVI is loaded in Virtualdub) do not load.
- centre of rotation (at wavelets) cannot be set
- loading a previously saved Gamma doesnt work

RegiStax 6 after the release 

In the views of the RegiStax team the release was received with many good comments on both quality and speed of processing. As always with an initial release that has not been tested in a wider audience some issues - not seen by many users- have been found. We are currently solving these and since no urgent update seems to be necessary we will collect further issues during this month and release probably an update at the end of the month.

IMPORTANT for LINUX USERS (message from Ken Hough)
RegiStax 6 works very well under Linux via wine version 1.3.17.
See the Linuxpage

RegiStax 6 Available

The initial release of RegiStax 6 is available for download.  
You can use this link to directly download the installable file.

I want to thank all my friends in the development-team and all others that have helped me during the 4 months we spend in development of RegiStax 6. In that time about 200 different testversions were tested by the team. Since I started developing RegiStax about 10 years ago the continous support and creative thinking of the development-team have inspired me to keep pushing the limits.

As always I hope you all have fun using RegiStax.

Kind regards,

The RegiStax Development-Team
Cor Berrevoets (The Netherlands),

Bart DeClerq (Belgium) ,          Tony George (United States),
Dmitry Makolkin (Russia),         Paul Maxson (United States),
Bob Pilz (United States) ,         Pavel Presnyakov (Ukraine),
Eric Roel (Mexico),                   Sylvain Weiller (France)

RegiStax 6 preview/instructions
The preview section for RegiStax 6 is currently getting built. You can read more on the new/changed functionality here.
I especially recommend reading the following examples:

A simple processing run
 -Using RegiStax 6 
- Using Linked Wavelets(1)
- Using Linked Wavelets (2)
-  Using the Batch Module
-  Using the Batch module with advanced tools

RegiStax 6 release 2 april 2011 12h UTC The RegiStax6 development team expects that on the 2nd or april 2011 a new version will be released. 

RegiStax 6 Final phase of development
The development of R6 is entering the final phase. Many of the new functions seem to be working well but we are still weeding out bugs. We hope to release this version at the end of march/beginning of april. In the coming weeks we will try to introduce the new version into a bit more detail. You can allready see a few screenshots at the Preview V6 part of this website.


RegiStax 6 moving forward
The development team worked hard and has tested many new versions. One of the most recent developments has been that we have now prepared the code to work also under multi-core environments which can speed up processing a great deal. Due to the full restructure we had done around alignment we still have quite some work ahead to make sure all "old functionality" is still there. I hope we can do a first release (probably not functional in all areas) in early in 2011.  

RegiStax 6 Development started  !!!
The development team has started work on developing RegiStax 6. Development started at the end of october. The main aim is to produce better multi-point aligned images then R5. We have therefore decided to rebuild (the core code of RegiStax is from 2001) our alignment-algorithms completely. Thusfar the new setup has been tested on many different imagesequences. The results are better than Registax5 and using several hundred alignpoints is no problem since the program is a lot faster during alignment. Next to this we have also changed the waveletsection in a way that it allows users to produce sharp images with good noise-control

We have not yet set a release date as it is early days currently. News will follow on this site.

RegiStax 5_1_9_2 Update
This update solves the following issues:
- when processing images and saving as TIFF results of earlier processing (of other files) where sometimes retained.
        - when processing images using both the Resample function and Region_of_interest incorrect results (and errors) could appear.
         - when deselecting images using the framelist after alignment and including those in the selection (by pressing the Limit button) errors could pop up.

Another change in this version is that we have added a new way to translate the interface into different languages. If you are interested in creating an interface in another language (for public use) you can contact me.
I have updated the release (which now is with this repaired, again available from the downloadpage.

RegiStax 5_1_9_1 Update
A problem was reported when using separate files for _R,_G,_B,_L to create an LRGB (or RGB) image. The stack seemed to stay green completely suggesting that only the _G image
was used. I have updated the release (which now is with this repaired, again available from the downloadpage.

RegiStax 5_1 Released
A new updated version of RegiStax is available since today, you can download the latest installable version from the          

RegiStax 5_1 New features/changes
New webpages have been added to show part of the changed/improved functionalilty of RegiStax 5.1. You can read more about it at New features in RegiStax 5.1.

RegiStax 5_1 Tests are over
The tests during this month have been fruitful in many ways. We have expanded functionality further then we expected. Needless to say we also encountered errors and have been able to cure those also.

The list of major changes is:
-Prefilter images for better alignment
(redesigned and a new gradient filter)

-Prefilter images for better optimisation
-Two completely new new optimizer methods 

-Normalized intensity has been greatly improved and now makes the usage of feather (to clear seams) less necessary.
-The Drizzle function has been redesigned and now works also with feather and other options.

-Re-Align with processed can now also be used for resample/drizzle.
-A Set WhiteBalance routine has been added.

RegiStax 5_1 ... in the final test phase
During december the RegiStax test team started working on a rather large upgrade of RegiStax 5. The past months we have spend on improving existing functionality and adding new functionality. On nearly all parts of RegiStax we have improved features based on user comments. There are new ways to register/optimize images, we finally got Drizzle to work properly and many more changes. More will be releaved later this month when we annouce the release-date for this upgrade !!


New in depth article : Trapping noise
One of the less known techniques of trapping noise with RegiStax is to trap noise using gaussian wavelets. A short article shows how simple it is to use this technique (see Trapping noise).

Update available (see downloadpage)
A new version of RegiStax is available from our website. You can now load a fully installable version.
The most important changes are:
 - debayering AVI's recorded with a Y800 codec and >2Gb works.
- saving a registered AVI for the "region of interest" has been added.
- saving resized PNG files from the "FINAL" tabpage does not result in errors anymore.
-  during multi-point alignment the preview of alignmentpoint #1 now shows the correct area.

From this moment I will try to keep 2 versions of RegiStax available:
A) the release or most recent update as an installable version
B) a beta release to create error-reports (30 days trialversion)

Whenever the A-version gives problems you need to download the B-version to try again and send me more details. The B-version will by updated more frequently (monthly).

Working on a minor update
Next to solving the issue with debayered AVI's (in the extended mode) we now also have cleared another issue.
When using "Region of Interest" the Create-Reference procedure produces errors. In the current update this problem is hopefully solved. And we also have added a new feature, you can now also save your registered images for the "region of interest" from the stacking page.

Problems with debayering RAW Y800 AVI
I have been recently informed by Darryl Pfitzner Milika about a problem with large AVI files that need debayering. The files in are recorded using a Y800 codec with IC-Capture. The problem is that although the final RegiStax release does read and process the large file (using the extended mode) it does NOT debayer the file.
Spring arrives with the final release of RegiStax 5

During the last week we again received bug-reports and we have
been able to solve quite some of them. The three week beta testing period was fruitfull in solving several issues that occured in the beta-version. This is a good moment to thank everybody that was willing
to spend some time testing the application and sending a bug-report.

A special "THANK YOU" I wish to send to the dev
elopment -team :

Geoff Chester(United States), Henrik Delfer (Denmark), Tony George (United States),  Stefan Lammel (United Kingdom),  Dmitry Makolkin (Russia), Paul Maxson (United States), Bob Pilz (United States) , Eric Roel (Mexico), Mike Salway (Australia), Sylvain Weiller (France)

They have been supporting me for over a year and have been great pleasure to work with, without their support and persistance to find errors and propose new ideas I would not have been able to create RegiStax 5.

We are releasing the final version and also have updated the manual.

You can download the final version( from:
NOTE: after startup the window-caption will still mention Registax 5Beta, this version is however not a beta !

on behalf of the RegiStax development-team,

Cor Berrevoets

Two weeks of beta-release tests  
We now have nearly 4000 downloads on the counter. Not much has changed in the type of reports I have kept receiving this week. Most of the problems have been cleared as several of the people that have send reports have confirmed after receiving an updated version(the reward !). Currently we are working on testing some additional and improved functionality. The full release (unlimited) will probably be available on the 21st of march.

One week of beta-release tests   
After the initial set of bug-reports we have gotten some more but quite some of them were much alike the initial errors. With over 2800 downloads we have had less then 2% of the testers reporting bugs. Thanks to everybody and ... please keep them coming.

We have been working with several people that have reported to solve these errors. If things continue in this fashion we will release a normal version next weekend.  And some people were wondering it seems ... yes ... its  FREEWARE! The fact that we started with a beta-release had nothing to do with plans to convert this project to shareware or any other commercial product.

RegiStax 5 is released (beta)
We have uploaded the beta release-version of RegiStax 5. This version will be fully usable for 30 days, after that you will need to load a new version. This beta-version is equipped with a special bug-reporting setup. Whenever a bug appears you will be asked to send a bug-report by mail. These bug-reports might be crucial in solving issues when using the software that were not detected during the testing by pre-beta testers. Furthermore we hope that within 30 days of this release we will upload a version that does is not time-limited. This website will tell you about it, alternatively you can use the option (on the alignment page under the tab options/additional settings) to automatically check if a new update is available (checks when you startup registax, only checks one time each day).

Have fun !!

on behalf of the RegiStax Development Team,

Cor Berrevoets

RegiStax 5 User manual (revision1)
We  are one week from the release, the user-manual is allready available for download here:

RegiStax 5 beta release 28 february
On the 28 february RegiStax 5 beta will be released for a large scale test. This release will be a real beta and will work for 30 days, during that period bugreports can be automatically reported and repaired. After this(and as soon as possible) we will release a V5 version without the 30 day timelimit.

RegiStax 5 beta will be released in february
The current version of RegiStax 5 seems to be stable and working well, we are planning to release RegiStax 5 (beta) during february. Most of the remaining time until the release will be used to document new functions/functionality so both experienced and novice users will have a good starting-point.

RegiStax 5 Pre-beta survives testing
It was good to get the pre-beta of RegiStax tested by the pre-beta testers. They found several issues we had not encountered during testing. Fortunately none if the issues turned out to be difficult to solve so at this moment we have no remaining problems. Development also continued as we have improved the handling of TIFF-files. Registax now can read more types of Tiff-files. A release-date has not been set but if things continue to develop in this fashion this should not take very long.

RegiStax 5 Pre-beta send to testgroup
Today we are releasing the pre-beta version to a larger group of testers. Around 20-30 individuals have been approached by the members of the RegiStax-team to participate in this test. Depending on the findings of the testgroup we will decide how much work is still ahead for the full-scale release. Further announcements will be made on this website.

25 jan 2009
Possible date for first pre-beta release
The work on the pre-beta version is finishing. We will be spreading this version to a limited group of pre-beta testers. People will be invited by members of our team to participate in this. If things during the 1st week of testing look good we will decide if the pre-beta can be spread to a larger audience. Announcements will be made on these pages. As things look now we will be spreading the pre-beta at the end of the coming week (30 jan or 1st feb 2009). Considerable amounts of testing have been done by the testing team. 

Final pre-release stage started  !
We hope to do the final tests in the testing-team in the coming 2 weeks. After this a pre-beta will be released to a larger-group(but limited) of testers. We will be announcing how people can take part in testing. The pre-beta will be functional for 30 days after releasing and will also be containing special code to detect possible bugs and allow the user to report those bugs efficiently to us.
The fact that we are moving towards a release also means that development of new features is nearly stopped, we are still extending and improving existing features.

A few things that were improved this week:
 - loading of DSLR-Raw files (faster previewing)
 - LOAD/SAVE projectfiles (now also for single-frame formats)
 - Colour->BW conversion on Waveletpage
   (allows user to mix the colours to represent a B/W image)
- Gravity alignment using multiple alignpoints.
  (gravity alignment is new technique that aligns images - good for planets/moon - based on the centre of gravity in each image. The user can also set separate alignpoints that will be aligned/optimized based on the estimate coming from gravity-alignment).
- Image pre-processing before alignment
   (user can use blurring, gamma and histogram stretching during alignment/optimisation).

Happy new year  !

Although no progress was posted on this site between mid december and today we have been moving forward in a good pace. The most recent addition to the beta-version is a Batchcontrol module that allows the user to create batchoperations and use RegiStax in an even more flexible way.
To allow alignment of thusfar very difficult or nearly impossible alignable image-sequences new methods have been added. We hope to get a pre-beta release for testing by a larger group of users this month, I suggest following this site !

Cor Berrevoets

DLSR RAW-image reading
The last days I have spend adding code that supports the reading of RAW frames from DSLR-camera's. In the mean time we have increased the maximum size of images that are allowed to be processed to over 5000 pixels (in any dimension).

Sneak preview V5
For the past 11 months  a team of volunteers has been working hard to get RegiStax V5 working. Although the RegiStax concept has stayed more or less the same a lot of effort was put in to improve speed and quality of many of the image processing stages.  Read More

RegiStax V5 development has started
After a long sleep the RegiStax Development team has woken up.With over 45 000 downloads of RegiStax V4 on the counter the team has woken up from its long and well deserved sleep. We will start exploring new ideas. Users that have ideas for the next version of RegiStax are kindly requested to send these using the error-report module of RegiStax V4. To do this, startup RegiStax, go to the about page and click on the “SUBMIT ERROR” link. Change the Subject of the mail to IDEA for REGISTAX V5 please.

with kind regards,

Cor Berrevoets

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